I believe that hand made gifts are very special. For me it means that someone thought long and hard about what the other person might desire and then spent precious time and effort to create that gift. And because of this, when I hold it in my hand and turn it every which way I feel very, very special and loved.

Now, creating a hand made gift might scare a lot of people. I’ve heard the ‘I can’t do it‘, the ‘I don’t have time for it‘ or the ‘it’s not going to be like a store bought gift‘ before. If this sounds like you, fear not! I got you covered!

Let’s go one by one. ‘It’s not going to be like a store bought gift‘ Well, thank God for that! You will be gifting a one of a kind, extra special gift that no other person can call their own in the entire Universe! And judging from experience, we ourselves are our harshest critics: that uneven stitch, that ear that is slightly bigger than the other will go completely unnoticed. I promise.

Let’s talk about time and effort. There are 17 days ’til Christmas. However, not all time is created equal! So, for you to be able to judge whether you’ve got the time for it, I’ve included in this post the level of craftiness and the amount of crafternoons (noun: an afternoon spent with leisurely craft activity) that it requires to make each from start to finish. If you have a bit of scrap paper, a pair of new(ish) socks, or a bit of fabric lying around, take a deep breath, breathe in the encouragement I am sending your way, and just start crafting!

  1. Mouse in a tin house
    Beginner friendly, 1 crafternoon

This little cutie is a perfect gift it you are a fun loving beginner craft person. I made it based on Larissa Holland’s idea. You can either trace the outlines of the mouse from the page itself and go from there, or if you need a bit more help you’ll find her pattern in her Etsy shop. If you are adding a little bear or a bed time read to the bundle, your project might take a bit longer.

As for the tin box, if you are in Hungary, look for these sweets in your local pharmacy or organic food store… or you could always use a little box instead. Let your fantasy run free here!

See my original post here.

2. Very nice mice
Medium complexity, 1-2 crafternoon(s)

These very handsome mice were born from Ann Wood’s tutorial and pattern. And honestly, the possibilities with this one are endless! From what they can hold in their tiny paws, to not having hands at all, to going bare feet or having blinged-out alligator slippers. Or you could even create a raccoon (made by @erinpcf)!  A little embroidery along the edges of the ears, a Zorro-esque face mask and a broader tail. And voilá!

See my original post here, and the link to the Alligator Slippers pattern here.

aligator slippers

3. A sock monkey
Medium complexity, 2 crafternoons

Before you accuse me of being partial to rodents, let me tell you about Monkey. This little fellow is easily my biggest gifting accomplishments! I gifted Monkey to my nephew 5 years ago for Christmas. Ever since then they are inseparable! Monkey sleeps and plays Lego with him. He goes to the kindergarten with him. He has even accompanied the family to all their vacations (lucky fellow)!

Should you decide to make one from this CraftPassion pattern, be sure to also check my original post, where I include a couple of hints and tips on making one. Oh, yes! A final, insider tip: if you use a pair of used socks, make sure they are a.) clean, and b.) not your dad’s/husband’s favorite one. Just saying.

See my original post here.

4. An eye pillow
Medium complexity, 2 crafternoons

An eye pillow can be so soothing! Especially if it has the right weight, aroma, and the right message of ‘Leave me alone, I am sleeping’ written all over it. Joke aside, something I discovered with use was, that the flax seeds I used to stuff the pillow heat very nicely in the microwave and can be chilled even better in the freezer. All depending on your mood. I highly recommend one, even if not as fancy and grumpy as this one.

See my original post and pattern here.

5. Papier mache boat
Beginner friendly, 2 crafternoons

Who doesn’t love boats? The spray of salty sea water, the wind, the freedom. This little boat, which I made into Ricky’s fearsome pirate ship is also based on an Ann Wood’s tutorial. It is easy and fun to make on its own, the mouse is really just an extra. It takes two crafternoons only because it requires a bit of time to dry.

See my original post here.

6. Papier mache hot air balloon
Medium complexity, 4 – 5 crafternoons

I know you were expecting this one! I honestly think it is a fun project you should definitely give a go. The instructions on making it are pretty easy to follow and hard to get wrong. And once its finished the options for decoration have no boundaries. Google hot air balloon and I am sure you’ll find something that will take your fancy.

See my original post here. The little bear was made using the pattern in the Mouse in a tin house (above).

If you decide to make any of these fun projects, send me a picture. I’d love to see it!

Happy crafting!