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Good ol’ days and wind blown hair

These past few days I've been in a real de-clutter and organization frenzy. Usually it is to just do something automatic, without much thinking. However, now I felt there was a real need for it because we will be repainting... Continue Reading →



It is strange, down right surreal when an idea takes shape and it goes against so many conventions that is causes an explosion. Of fury, of rage, or maybe an explosion of new ideas, new ways of thinking. If I... Continue Reading →

My artistic soulmate and a cauliflower

Has it happened to you that you hear a strange new word, a brand new phrase, an idea and then suddenly you find it everywhere around you? Where did it come from, and where were you that you were never... Continue Reading →

The shadow

Beauty is a strange thing. If I'd ask 10 people what are the prettiest creatures in their opinion I bet dogs and cats would be on the list. Horses and even a giraffe. But for me it is a tiny... Continue Reading →

It’s alive!

I am not one to believe in ghosts or follow superstition for that matter. However, I have to confess that an inexplicable feeling does take hold of me when I start drawing or painting a person. From the striking white background... Continue Reading →

Getting folky

This past week has been an especially hard one for me, with my usual good spirits nowhere in sight. Therefore, I decided to focus on my little research project because I was sure it would distract me and cheer me... Continue Reading →

Homage to Carly Meyers

My husband and I have very different tastes in music. I love me some pop, R&B and jazz. He goes for the other side of the spectrum, more so for the experimental, for that which explores the boundaries or takes... Continue Reading →

Musical medley

There are a couple of kitties that have been popping up in my mind during the last couple of weeks of my kitty obsession whom I could just not place or categorize in any way. They are sort of like... Continue Reading →

Return of the birdhouse

Taking up a project one has left to one side is always hard. However, it is even harder when the same project just will not let you go. When it gets into your brain, it makes its way into your... Continue Reading →

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