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Where have all the books gone?

"Honey, could you please charge my book?" I'm trying to imagine the face of Guttenberg or Tennessee Williams as I utter these words. I might as well be speaking gibberish. Things have certainly come a long way since the first... Continue Reading →

Getting organized

I must start with a confession: I cheated. I cheated on IKEA. BUT, it was with another Scandi. Does that make it alright then? I have shared with you before in this post that I have no studio or a... Continue Reading →

Water for good measure

I am not one to make New Year's resolutions. I either do it now or I tend not to do it. However, if you are a club member and increasing your water consumption is on your list, this might help... Continue Reading →

Update on my Xmas survival guide

2 years ago before Christmas I made myself not just a mental, but this very public promise to take things easy during the holidays. It was a sort of to-do list, a step-by-step guide to tackle things better, to keep... Continue Reading →

Studio life

When I read the biography of an artist I often find that the studio they worked in is a subject of great importance, a chapter of its own. There will be pictures of the space, the easel, the brushes (if... Continue Reading →

The time I was not just uncertain, but ashamed of what I created

As I cautiously approached Mr.AP my heart was full or regret and hesitation. "Honey, I think I did something awful!" "What is it?" asked Mr.AP with sudden worry in his eyes. As I slowly opened my palm he exclaimed "Oh... Continue Reading →

How a humble chili bush taught me to chill

In all areas of social media we are bombarded with the ’this is the time to start fresh’, or ’ learn XYZ’, and best of all ’if Newton came up with the theory of gravity during a major pandemic, what... Continue Reading →

Weekly board game roundup – 10

I now see how fortunate we were recently. We had the luxury of time to play board games to no end. In these past few weeks with long office hours, family parties and other engagements to go to and the... Continue Reading →

Weekly board game roundup – 9

We had some friends over this weekend and played a couple of games with them. Started with Tobago, warmed up with The Big Book of Madness and then did some heavy lifting with Rajas of the Ganges. I didn't want... Continue Reading →

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