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Gnome hats – a Christmas decor

I am always excited for the Christmas holidays. It is usually a time when we have a good many days off from work, a time when we eat yummy foods and have lovely decorations in our home. And talking about... Continue Reading →


On Groundhog day the four legged creature came out of its cave, yawned, and stayed out. Just to annoy us really, because Spring, Ladies and gents, is nowhere is sight. Yet, I started to feel this intense urge to organize... Continue Reading →

I’ve been thinking about hot dogs

I started to get really excited about summer and the possibility of a vacation at the beginning of the year. I knew it is going to happen. I just don't yet know when. Neither the month, nor the year. Being... Continue Reading →

Pierre the Rat

Legend has it, that the last person to die of the plague in my hometown was buried upside down in the middle of the city. The aim was to scare off any evil spirits that might want to bring the... Continue Reading →

Sails for a tiny ship

Let me ask you something. Does a cork-shark's bite hurt? I think most of us have very specific likes and dislikes in our lives. What we like to eat, what we like to listen to, our favorite walks. And then... Continue Reading →

Little Mole in space

So many of you have contacted me and asked what is Mr.AP going to get for Christmas. And I have to say the majority of you demonstrated a bravery of epic proportions, because you decided to wait out this post.... Continue Reading →

Pencil extenders

I hate lying. Lie, white lie, elaborate alternate realities or blinged out reality I dislike them all. And I should have added one more thing to the list: when an online store boasts a huge, exciting palette of products that... Continue Reading →

DIY holiday gift ideas

I believe that hand made gifts are very special. For me it means that someone thought long and hard about what the other person might desire and then spent precious time and effort to create that gift. And because of... Continue Reading →

Try this instead of an advent calendar this year

Advent calendars. Hmmmmm. So nice, so shiny. So expensive! It is that wonderful idea of consumerism which combines award winning and fan favorite of those 24 things that you really don't need in your life. Putting sarcasm aside for just... Continue Reading →

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