Self portrait

A little bit about myself…

Hello! My name is Adri. After long years of putting my corporate career first and shoving my creativity aside, I decided to take out my brushes, dust off my canvases and start anew. This blog is a diary of sorts of the journey I’m taking: of rediscovering myself and letting my slumbering dragon soar once more.

I’m not sure I can put one label to what I do or who I am. I adore the Impressionists and Frida Kahlo but tend to steer clear of the Avant-garde and Pop-Art. Love Chopin, Shostakovich, jazz and R&B. I love and practice hiking and Taoist Tai Chi. I am an avid board game enthusiast. I live for García Márquez, Murakami and tend to devour books like a starved bookworm. But I will choose COLOR over however many shades of grey any ol’ day! You could say I have many passions and loves. So grab a cup of coffee and join me.  Have a look around my little world and see what I am all about…


Thanks for stopping by!