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The leaf peeper in me

I love the phrase leaf peeper. I think It is that mix of the wonder it promises and the illicit the world implies. Such a strange combination. But putting the words aside, there is something magical about walking the forest... Continue Reading →

The 77 day challenge – weighing in

I read an article by Melanie Stefan the other day that proposed a radical idea, to make a CV of our failures. The publication argued that making such a document would bring to light that not all paths are black... Continue Reading →

The 77 day challenge – a midway update

Whenever there is a long term project it is always good to take a step back and look how thing are going. Whether the plan is working or not, or there is need for some readjustment. As five weeks have... Continue Reading →

The 77 day challenge

There is a saying that old habits die hard. And its related myth, that all it takes is 21 days to shake it off. Well, I got more than three decades of experience to underline the first and undermine the... Continue Reading →

My Camino

My trip down south to the lake shore was not all about sightseeing and relaxing. It had a more important, more personal role for me. I wanted this trip to be the beginning (and sort of test drive, if you... Continue Reading →

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