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Kitty band

Homage to Carly Meyers

My husband and I have very different tastes in music. I love me some pop, R&B and jazz. He goes for the other side of the spectrum, more so for the experimental, for that which explores the boundaries or takes... Continue Reading →

Musical medley

There are a couple of kitties that have been popping up in my mind during the last couple of weeks of my kitty obsession whom I could just not place or categorize in any way. They are sort of like... Continue Reading →

Pulling the strings

When I looked at the kitty orchestra I realized I was missing the all so important strings. Started putting together the list of what I'd like to see. I have to confess, this is where I became a bit obsessed.... Continue Reading →

The harp player

The subtle humor of the Kitty band was always there, but now I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted something that would bring in the chuckle. As I longed to have a guest musician, an outsider... Continue Reading →

Rhythm of the conga

In the Kitty Band I now have some brass and woodwind instruments and ones to bring in the Latin American flavor. Now have a conductor to keep the guys together. Oh my, the percussion instruments are missing! Was thinking of... Continue Reading →

Mr. Moustein

The more kitties come to life, the more instruments there are. I started fearing that my dream of a symphony will end in a racket unless someone steps in and takes the reins. Ok, so who shall it be? I... Continue Reading →


Over the last couple of days I have been expanding my little Kitty orchestra. After the Latin spice I wanted to give the symphony a warmth, a depth that only brass instruments can. Besides the usual ones I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Look out! The Mariachi is coming

The idea of the Kitty band just did not let me go. Ever since remembering the dream and finding the drawings I have been chased by the vision of an orchestra. Over the weekend as I was listening to some... Continue Reading →

When a dream comes true

I don't know about you, but I have the weirdest dreams right before the alarm rings at 6 AM. When I tell my family about them they either get scared or have a laughing fit. No middle ground here! On... Continue Reading →

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