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Birdhouse update – Roof damage

The mornings are crisp. Fallen leaves are rustling under my feet and the air smells of rotting, decomposing nature. As the bottom of the sky reddens with the sunset I draw the curtains, snuggle up to a good cup of... Continue Reading →

It’s Wabbit Season!

I always have mixed feelings when around Easter I see little bunnies at the open air markets. The kids of course love them, and many parents just can't say no. I know they will be petted and cuddled for a... Continue Reading →

Rooster’s crowing

One of the most exciting things in life is when you see one of your dreams come to life. And one of the scariest is bringing one of your dreams to life. I mean when you are creating something from... Continue Reading →

Dawn of the rooster

When I finished with the French hen I was excited to finally put the ornament together. I started to place them on the egg-shaped wreath and see what the composition would look like. The more I played with it, the... Continue Reading →

Pairing it up

The more I think about it, I prepped myself for this second hen. It started with a definite understanding that my French hen will have little eggs for Easter. And then my subconscious (call her the little devil on my... Continue Reading →

Chicken or the egg?

Something strange is going on. Large sections, shelves in my favorite crafts store are empty. Felt, stuffing material, Easter related items are nowhere to be seen. I felt like a hungry hoard of barbarians descended from the mountains and ransacked... Continue Reading →

Hen in the yard

I’ve been so happy with the change in the weather, the chirping of the birds and the appearance of snowdrops in the garden that I failed to put two and two together and realize that spring is just around the... Continue Reading →

Moving in to the birdhouse

If you read my post about how the creative process works for me it will not be news that I tend to (over) analyze my pieces even after I deem them done. This is exactly what happened to my blue... Continue Reading →

Return of the birdhouse

Taking up a project one has left to one side is always hard. However, it is even harder when the same project just will not let you go. When it gets into your brain, it makes its way into your... Continue Reading →

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