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Update – The traveling sock monkey

I frequently get comments, complements on my works. Be it you, my dear reader, or a person who is invited to our home, or Mr.AP's colleagues who will spot this and that during a video conference on a home office... Continue Reading →

Sock monkey – The big brother

About 2,5 years ago I made this sock monkey for my nephew. At the time it seemed like it will be just a gift. However, there was a spark, a deep falling in love, and ever since then an incredibly... Continue Reading →

Little mouse on a boat

Each year I try to make something really special for my husband for Christmas. I've painted for him these last two years (see the posts here and here), so I thought I'd do something different this time around. That's when... Continue Reading →

Christmas gift ideas – for the child

It is not easy to purchase a gift for a child. This day and age they seem to be into a very specific thing and by the time you learn about it and get it, the craze is already over.... Continue Reading →

Christmas gift ideas – for the charitable one

Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. The decorated trees, street lights or the agonizing Christmas carols are creeping up as soon as Halloween is over. Although sometimes I feel earlier than that. And I say agonizing, because... Continue Reading →

Gator slipper pattern (free)

There is a saying in Spanish to the effect that if a door closes for you a window will surely open. I feel like that has happened to me now. Last week was an especially tough, bordering on pretty darn... Continue Reading →

Percy the mouse. Oh, how very nice!

It was the night after Christmas when the feasts were over and all the guests had gone home when I collapsed on the sofa and just wanted to relax a bit. To wind down I started reading my favourite blogs.... Continue Reading →

Last minute gift idea – Start monkeying around!

I love gifts that are hand made. For one they are very personal and one of a kind. It also tells me that I was in the person's thoughts all throughout the creative process. This is the reason why I... Continue Reading →

Meet the Gardeners

When the hot weather came I searched the basement for our summer wreath.  Although I thought I stored it well the dolls moved and bits and pieces fell off. At the time I didn't have the drive to fix it,... Continue Reading →

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