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5 simple ideas not to go crazy this Xmas

I write this list (to myself) as a reminder on how to avoid the Ghost of Christmases past!With lots of (self-love), Adri 1 - write a list Get yourself a cup of (insert here your favorite hot drink), a note... Continue Reading →

Counting my blessings

Perhaps it's just me but I feel like there are more and more advent calendars each year. It started with chocolate ones in my childhood. Now it has outgrown itself to ones where you get a different nail polish, a... Continue Reading →

Seasons greetings and a bear hug

Last Christmas was the first in many years when we sent greeting cards to our friends and family. It was a mixture of the postal service not working properly, me taking an offense at them and generally being too stubborn... Continue Reading →

My Camino

My trip down south to the lake shore was not all about sightseeing and relaxing. It had a more important, more personal role for me. I wanted this trip to be the beginning (and sort of test drive, if you... Continue Reading →

Swans in the lake

I don't know if it was the long gloomy winter days, the lack of sunshine or a particularly though couple of days at work, but both my husband and I felt we needed some time off to relax and re-energize... Continue Reading →

No cameras, please!

A while ago my husband and I decided we are not going to take pictures on our vacations. Don't get me wrong, we do take a camera with us, but rather than spending our vacation behind a machine and figuring... Continue Reading →

Winter brake

These past few weeks have been draining. Lots of things happened in my private and professional life that made me feel tired and run down. And yet it never occurred to me to take a break. If cars need regular... Continue Reading →

Percy the mouse. Oh, how very nice!

It was the night after Christmas when the feasts were over and all the guests had gone home when I collapsed on the sofa and just wanted to relax a bit. To wind down I started reading my favourite blogs.... Continue Reading →

Excuse me, are you tourists?

Culture shock is something I have often heard about. I imagined it as something that would happen if I traveled to the Far East, the Outbacks in Australia or a distant corner of Africa. However, I never for one moment... Continue Reading →

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