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A cup of tea in the Sahara

As I was looking at my old drawings the other day I had a sudden pang of nostalgia. I discovered a series of drawings I made all around the theme of one song, The Police's Tea in the Sahara. Back... Continue Reading →


Good ol’ days and wind blown hair

These past few days I've been in a real de-clutter and organization frenzy. Usually it is to just do something automatic, without much thinking. However, now I felt there was a real need for it because we will be repainting... Continue Reading →

It’s alive!

I am not one to believe in ghosts or follow superstition for that matter. However, I have to confess that an inexplicable feeling does take hold of me when I start drawing or painting a person. From the striking white background... Continue Reading →

Tea time

Follow my blog with Bloglovin When I imagined my Saint Anne I always saw it as mixed media. Neither drawing, nor painting, rather something in between. Something that would explore boundaries to give full rein to the surreal. That is... Continue Reading →

Holding hands

If a Hungarian meets a stranger one of the first things they will ask is what they do for a living. I don't think it is to assess their possible income, rather a very cautious attempt to start the communication.... Continue Reading →

No cameras, please!

A while ago my husband and I decided we are not going to take pictures on our vacations. Don't get me wrong, we do take a camera with us, but rather than spending our vacation behind a machine and figuring... Continue Reading →

Winter brake

These past few weeks have been draining. Lots of things happened in my private and professional life that made me feel tired and run down. And yet it never occurred to me to take a break. If cars need regular... Continue Reading →

Getting folky

This past week has been an especially hard one for me, with my usual good spirits nowhere in sight. Therefore, I decided to focus on my little research project because I was sure it would distract me and cheer me... Continue Reading →

In a Padstow state of mind

Sometimes when you go on vacation a place can leave its mark in you. Whether it is the general atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, the lovely people or the food you enjoyed so much, but you know deep down if there... Continue Reading →

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