I started to get really excited about summer and the possibility of a vacation at the beginning of the year. I knew it is going to happen. I just don’t yet know when. Neither the month, nor the year. Being the person that doesn’t give up on things that easily, I decided to take a virtual vacation. I wanted to experience what one might during a real, full fledged vacation.

I decided to visit Angola. I read its history, traced my finger along the ridges on its map. Spotted the little enclave of Cabinda. Listened to the Angolan national anthem. Looked up its soccer championship the Girabola. I launched Google maps and virtually walked along the streets of Luanda. I looked at the pretty buildings while listening to Matias Damasio.

What I learned from virtual travel is that there are things that you’ll get to know to a much, much deeper extent. Honestly, how many times have you heard the anthem of the country you’ve visited? You’ll see more, you’ll get exposed to so many varied experiences. It is also a much safer form of travel, especially if you’re the kind that really hates airplanes. But I missed the people, the noise of the street, the smells and I missed the food. OH, how I missed the food!

I started thinking of the wonderful lunches, dinners and snacks we’ve had along our travels with Mr.AP. The simple little empanadas, the brown cheese, the bacalhau, the troll soup in Balestrand or the hot dog at the gates of the Albertina. Will these things be still there when we’ll travel again? Will we be able to eat a hot dog again?

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