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The mighty Potato Frog

For the last two weeks I've been struggling. Struggling to concentrate or do anything. It's my friend K's fault! She gave me the most amazing book for my birthday and I have been shaken, enthralled and swallowed whole by it.... Continue Reading →

Woman whispering

I have been thinking about having another drawing for my blog header. I already made a little doodle, sketch which I wrote about here. But with all the commotion of this summer somehow this project slipped to the bottom of... Continue Reading →

A furry wedding present

This weekend we attended the wedding of two of our good friends. I was thrilled to attend the ceremony and to wish them all the happiness for their now joint journey. I was also very excited, because our friends asked... Continue Reading →


I have to confess, the thing that excites me most about this picture book project are the finger puppets. I remember as kid we had one, a brown lion. I loved it so much, and always longed to have more.... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a birthday

Last week I took a little break from work and this blog to paint a bit. Namely to repaint our home. With my husband we thought we'd tackle it as a bit of a joint DIY project. It started out... Continue Reading →


For some time I've been thinking that the image I use for my header could do with a little makeover. Don't get me wrong, I love the drawing. It represents a very important part of my past, which I do... Continue Reading →


I thought I'd close this nostalgic trip back in time with angels. (If you missed my previous posts you will find the first here and the second here) Now, these drawings really surprised me. For one, because I forgot all... Continue Reading →

A cup of tea in the Sahara

As I was looking at my old drawings the other day I had a sudden pang of nostalgia. I discovered a series of drawings I made all around the theme of one song, The Police's Tea in the Sahara. Back... Continue Reading →

Good ol’ days and wind blown hair

These past few days I've been in a real de-clutter and organization frenzy. Usually it is to just do something automatic, without much thinking. However, now I felt there was a real need for it because we will be repainting... Continue Reading →

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