Looking at my work I realize that everything seems is quite serious and formal. My paintings, my drawings are all proper. The only place I go out of that comfort zone (?) and let out my humor is in real life, when I write on this blog, or when I do crafts. So I gave myself a challenge. Could I make a family portrait in cartoon style?

One of the challenges is always the when and how. And perhaps more frightening, the can I really? I found that for me one of the things that seems to work best is pressure. Time pressure that is.

It was my parents’ wedding anniversary and I thought, you know what?, they don’t have a proper, all inclusive, everyone in the family is on the picture sort of picture. I had a day in total – counting the half an hours here and there – and a deadline culminating in family dinner.

And guess what? Once I had no time to think, no time to judge I let out all my creativity, my imagination and I had it! I am still getting used to the idea of me having created a cartoon. It is exhilarating, and fun. I will for sure look for this inner courage to do something similar in the future!

Hope you like it too!