While I was flipping through and reorganizing my pattern folder I (re)discovered something: an old idea I had for a rat bookmark. Looking at the drawing now, I am not sure why I put it away. What I mean is, even though 95% of the books I read are in electronic format, I am sure I would still use it to flag a recipe that has caught my eye in the cookbook, to use it in that odd book that falls into the 5% category, or just to pet it. Or scare people with it… As I held the sketch in my hand with that cute face squinting its little eyes at me, I fell in love with her all over again. Fell so hard in fact that I took out the drawing and immediately started to rummage among my craft things, because I knew this time she was going to be born.

The little rat as she would look from above and among the pages.

I found her original crocheted cousin on Pinterest here. I remember I did crochet once or twice before in school but I never really liked it. So it was not the how that caught my attention, but the what.

From the very moment I set eyes on the little crocheted creature I  knew I wanted to try and make mine from felt. I have made a good many things and creatures from felt already, so I feel pretty comfortable working with it. I think this medium would also allow me to add a plethora of whiskers, adorable little teeth… just to name a few details I’m thinking of. The more I ponder about the project, the more excited I get. I just need to sit down and make the pattern and start the little creature. Just…