My trip down south to the lake shore was not all about sightseeing and relaxing. It had a more important, more personal role for me. I wanted this trip to be the beginning (and sort of test drive, if you will) of a special journey in my life, my own personal El Camino.

el caminoA while back a friend of mine told me about his hiking experience on the Hungarian Country Wide Blue Tour which takes the adventure seekers from the Eastern to the Western border of the country. My first reaction upon hearing his story was amazement, because I never thought there was 1100 kilometers of anything in our small country. My second, that he was absolutely nuts to walk this many kilometers in the middle of nowhere! But his tales of adventure stuck in my mind…

I mentioned to you before (in this post) about my conquest of the two witches – Ms Doubt and Ms Procrastination – with Tai Chi. I’m happy to say that that love affair is still going strong. However, I felt I wanted to put another goal ahead of me, something to challenge me even further. And this weekend I felt I was ready.

We took the opportunity of the little vacation to start our journey on the Blue Tour. The trail started in the most beautiful lane. The road was lined with ancient trees that cast long shadows on us. The sunlight that peeked through the canopy played with our eyes and our senses. You could hardly see the sky, just some spots of blue here and there. And at the very end of the road, a tiny little break in the trees: our light at the end of the journey.

The experience of this 2 hour hike was amazing! To just walk and reflect. To see the sights and the smells in the marshes of Hévíz, the vivid greens, yellows. But one of the most incredible things that I experienced was that overwhelming joy that I achieved this goal, I conquered it!

We are already looking at the map and thinking about the next leg we will do. I feel like a kid in the candy shop, because there are so many places, mountains, landscapes this tour goes through, that we can hardly decide. But onward we will go. And one thing you can be sure of: I’ll definitely keep you posted how it goes.