There is a saying that old habits die hard. And its related myth, that all it takes is 21 days to shake it off. Well, I got more than three decades of experience to underline the first and undermine the second. That is, if the change does not truly come from the deepest corners of your heart. Because if it does, that change could take as little as a day.

For me fitness and exercise was  something that other people did. I walked a lot and occasionally rode a bike, but that was a means of transportation, not something I did for the sake of my health. And for years I lived in a (seemingly) happy relationship with Ms Procrastination. I went to the gym… once, and did not return. I bought myself a membership thinking at least the investment would keep me going. Well, I was wrong.mckenzie exercisesAnd then a year ago my body said enough is enough. Four of my vertebrae broke. I was in incredible pain and could hardly move. I was forced then to decide: will I continue as I am and live in pain forever, or will I embark on the road to change. All it took me was one minute to make up my mind to never to be as I was before. With determination I started my recovery with the McKenzie method and tai chi. A year later I am pain free and in the greatest form of my life. And you know what? I crave exercise. I see what it is doing for me, and I want more!

So why the 77 days challenge? Well, Pythagoras said that “number rules the universe”. According to him number 7 was the number of perfection. So 77 is double perfection, right? OK, putting the joke aside, in 77 days this thirty-something woman is going to turn into a 40 year young chick. And to celebrate this milestone my husband and I decided to finish one of the legs of our Camino, the Country Wide Blue Tour, a 40 kilometer one. The trail looks amazing, the pictures I have seen of the view stunning. But there will be a 900 meter climb to the top of the mountain (hence the view) and I feel this needs preparation. I am in pretty good shape, but I need to further build up my strength and endurance. So I have devised a 77 day plan which includes my tai chi lessons, regular physiotherapy sessions targeting the different muscle groups and riding on my stationary bike. The plans in ready. I cannot wait for each of these 77 days to be here!My husband asked me what I would like for my birthday. Without thinking about it twice I said better health. With my own willpower and hard work I am convinced this wish is going to come true!

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