It was the night after Christmas when the feasts were over and all the guests had gone home when I collapsed on the sofa and just wanted to relax a bit. To wind down I started reading my favourite blogs. That’s when I discovered that with all the preparations, with all the hustle and bustle I missed Larissa Holland’s post about the cutest, most adorable mice ornaments ever!

There was not even a question in my mind, I wanted one. At lease one… for the time being that is. Our tree is already adorned with hand made ornaments so this little mouse would fit just right in. I gave the little one a pinecone that I covered in golden glitter to make it more festive. And since I am sure he is just as much a sweet tooth as his new family, a candy cane seemed most appropriate.

mouse ornament
Percy the mouse

I loved Larissa’s idea of slippers. But you know what, I wanted to go a bit further. I wanted something a bit more eccentric, gator slippers!

aligator slippersI think Percy the mouse has turned out to be quite handsome! And since he came to us a bit late, we decided to leave our Christmas tree for an additional week so he could take a good look around and fit in with all the other ornaments.

mouse ornamentThank you Larissa for sharing Ann Wood’s pattern and introducing me to her world.

P.S. Mom, you better get used to the idea of a little mouse being on the tree, because he’ll be back next year!