The mornings are crisp. Fallen leaves are rustling under my feet and the air smells of rotting, decomposing nature. As the bottom of the sky reddens with the sunset I draw the curtains, snuggle up to a good cup of decaf and think of the summer gone by.
This is the time to change the decorations. To banish the gaudy and the bright and bring in the warm and the rich. Was there a better time to change the front door wreath?

I headed to our storage, shuffled among some boxes, dove head first into others. A high-pitched shriek left my lips when I saw my little Scrummage. (See these posts for more on the beautiful house I made for him). Well, two years have gone by (what? when? where?), and the acrylic paint on the little house has chipped. And chipped badly.

Overall the paint on the outside walls if in pretty good condition. The tiny cracks that mark the front actually adds to the lived-in feel of this tiny cottage.
The problem starts with the rafters. The original acrylic paint has chipped so badly some spots are actually bare.
Could the difference in material be causing this difference in chipping? I’m kicking myself for not using any sort of base when I was painting the house. We are always so smart in hindsight!

Scrummage is taking this situation pretty well… considering. I mean it could be worst, right? I think I’ll look into solutions on how to fix the chipping. Not glue it back down, of course! But ways of taking off the old paint and reapplying it after a good base. Any ideas on which base could be the best when using acrylics on paper? #mousediy