I wanted to make a point this week
because I don’t consider myself a weakling, a meek
yet I sensed the pressure, guys it was real
and I felt it every single time I opened my inbox and went through my feed.

It started about two weeks ago with a subtle “buy him a gift”
but in the small print it was suggested that if I don’t there will be a serious relationship rift.
Then the “if you treasure his soul”
you should definitely buy him this latest perfume, or this Vogue featured bowl.
And with the 14th approaching came more of the buy, BUY, BUY!
Each of them with the clear and simple message that if I don’t it’s going to be a bye-bye.

And I wonder, if somebody truly believes that love can be monetized,
that you can buy the love of the guy on whom some time ago you set your eyes?

So the day came and I decided to smack a big kiss on his cheek
just like I do every-single-day of every-single-week.

Because I believe that life is just to darn short
for me to wait and settle on a single day, a fantasy holiday of sorts.