Adri's Palette


Adri's Palette

I am a 30-something artist/craftswoman who finds a creative outlet from everyday life in the arts. Be it the art of painting, the crafts or the art of cooking, I embrace it with the same ardor and passion! This blog is the diary of my crafty life with a side of wit. Enjoy a look around and see what I am all about. Thanks for stopping by!

I wanted to make a point

I wanted to make a point this weekbecause I don't consider myself a weakling, a meekyet I sensed the pressure, guys it was realand I felt it every single time I opened my inbox and went through my feed. It... Continue Reading →

Pierre the Rat

Legend has it, that the last person to die of the plague in my hometown was buried upside down in the middle of the city. The aim was to scare off any evil spirits that might want to bring the... Continue Reading →

Where have all the books gone?

"Honey, could you please charge my book?" I'm trying to imagine the face of Guttenberg or Tennessee Williams as I utter these words. I might as well be speaking gibberish. Things have certainly come a long way since the first... Continue Reading →

Sails for a tiny ship

Let me ask you something. Does a cork-shark's bite hurt? I think most of us have very specific likes and dislikes in our lives. What we like to eat, what we like to listen to, our favorite walks. And then... Continue Reading →

Getting organized

I must start with a confession: I cheated. I cheated on IKEA. BUT, it was with another Scandi. Does that make it alright then? I have shared with you before in this post that I have no studio or a... Continue Reading →

Little Mole in space

So many of you have contacted me and asked what is Mr.AP going to get for Christmas. And I have to say the majority of you demonstrated a bravery of epic proportions, because you decided to wait out this post.... Continue Reading →

Water for good measure

I am not one to make New Year's resolutions. I either do it now or I tend not to do it. However, if you are a club member and increasing your water consumption is on your list, this might help... Continue Reading →

Update on my Xmas survival guide

2 years ago before Christmas I made myself not just a mental, but this very public promise to take things easy during the holidays. It was a sort of to-do list, a step-by-step guide to tackle things better, to keep... Continue Reading →

Pencil extenders

I hate lying. Lie, white lie, elaborate alternate realities or blinged out reality I dislike them all. And I should have added one more thing to the list: when an online store boasts a huge, exciting palette of products that... Continue Reading →

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