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Christmas gift ideas – for the artist

It is not easy to purchase a gift for the artist. If they have been in their trade for long, you assume they have everything. If they have just started, you assume they need everything. You break out in a... Continue Reading →

My Camino

My trip down south to the lake shore was not all about sightseeing and relaxing. It had a more important, more personal role for me. I wanted this trip to be the beginning (and sort of test drive, if you... Continue Reading →


It is strange, down right surreal when an idea takes shape and it goes against so many conventions that is causes an explosion. Of fury, of rage, or maybe an explosion of new ideas, new ways of thinking. If I... Continue Reading →

Going back to the future

Having a long holiday weekend is a treat. However, having it on days when the sun is shining and the weather is inviting is downright divine! Everything beckons you to go outside, to enjoy the sights and wake up from... Continue Reading →

Dusk falling on Padstow

Some time ago my father and I had some true DIY time together and made some frames for canvas I had lying around. As we were sawing the frames, chipping away, small pieces of framing material fell off. I quickly... Continue Reading →

In a Padstow state of mind

Sometimes when you go on vacation a place can leave its mark in you. Whether it is the general atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, the lovely people or the food you enjoyed so much, but you know deep down if there... Continue Reading →

Season’s greetings and a little giveaway

I sat down with a steaming cup of latte in front of the window where we have the bird feeder. I opened up my laptop and decided that if no bird is going to bother showing up this time, I'll... Continue Reading →

Shiny new paints

Painting with acrylics is relatively new to me. I started with a little set I bought at a crafts store. You know the type, tiny little tubes in a box that are perfect to decide if you want to flirt... Continue Reading →

Sparkle on the river

I tend to hang the paintings I am working on up on the wall just like a finished painting. This way I  can scrutinize it from all angles, in all sort of light conditions and decide where to go with... Continue Reading →

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