It is strange, down right surreal when an idea takes shape and it goes against so many conventions that is causes an explosion. Of fury, of rage, or maybe an explosion of new ideas, new ways of thinking.

If I think about my art history lessons and the portraits of female saints in Christian art they are always docile, depicted as nurturing, as the fire that keeps the family, the faith itself alive. And never will a saint be seen naked. The bad women of the Bible yes, but never a saint.

These are the concepts, boundaries that I wanted to force open. To me a female saint is first of all a woman. A woman who is strong, self sufficient, read to tackle anything. A cabbage stands in the way? Oh be careful, it will be shredded to pieces! Yet she is a woman who has tender feelings, who has needs. And if she feels like wearing a see-through tulle blouse in a workshop, well, she will! Convention is one thing, and morals altogether something else. A woman is a vanguard, ascertains her rights, but at the same time stands tall to all moral scrutiny. Her halo shines bright.

St Anne savoy cabbage deadwindoFor me there was no better way to portray this than by an explosion itself. I envisioned the source of all this surreal energy – the cabbage itself – giving in to the force of these new ideas. Succumbing to the inevitable and disintegrating into hundreds of pieces. Flying in the air, the ideas hitting the darkest spots, not letting anything escape its power.

St Anne savoy cabbage deadwindoI really like how all these elements, all these different media came together. From the tea stains, the colored pencil, the acrylic paint, the makeup glitter to the paper towels that act like cabbage leaves. The effect of the saint slowly emerging from the soft, almost hazy background and taking the prominent spot is quite surreal. My eyes inevitably jump from element to element and seem to be lost in a constant exploration of the painting. Much like with the new ideas, concepts. I feel really lucky that I have found a friend who shares these visions and has given my world the fuel it was in need of. My mind these new ideas to swim around in. K., thank you again for the opportunity to collaborate with you, and if I may add (a tad) selfishly: keep them coming!