Sometimes when you go on vacation a place can leave its mark in you. Whether it is the general atmosphere, the beautiful scenery, the lovely people or the food you enjoyed so much, but you know deep down if there is an opportunity, you want to go back. You must go back. And there are times, when you didn’t even leave the house and have the same experience.

Cornwall Padstow harborEver since I painted the Cornish harbor I had such a feeling. I tried to pinpoint what it is exactly that is causing this intense feeling, but it is futile. I am simply and utterly in love with the water, the sky and the colors… oh well, everything in Cornwall! I feel I cannot get enough of the little Mediterranean wonder that somehow, inexplicably ended up in the British Isles. And maybe, just maybe this feeling is contagious, because anyone who has seen my painting in person seems to be mesmerized by it as well. So one thing I know for sure, I will go to Cornwall one day. Until then, however, I will continue to explore it as much as I can through art.

To do this I started to do my research. I looked at many websites, many pictures, but the original harbor that I painted was beckoning so hard, that nothing else seemed to satisfy my hunger. The original tutorial did not mention the place, so I continued my quest. I stumbled across it by chance at the end, and found that the area that I was looking for is called Padstow.

There are so many beautiful places, pictures that my heart started aching. Like a real glutton I wanted to draw and paint them all at once. I know I must show some restraint (for the time being), so I ended up choosing one that really spoke to me. The color of the sky, that incredible warmth that it radiates is something that I want to capture.

I am at the beginning. The sketch is ready. I now must decide how I will approach it, what colors I will choose. Oh, I cannot wait to go to Padstow!