I frequently get comments, complements on my works. Be it you, my dear reader, or a person who is invited to our home, or Mr.AP’s colleagues who will spot this and that during a video conference on a home office day. Each of these means the world to me, and goes straight to my heart. Makes my joy all that sweater and my frustrations melt like ice. But there is one little fan who is the most special one – and I hope you’ll forgive me -, my little 3 year old nephew.

He is the one, whose unadulterated little heart has taken my hand made gifts and has made it one with his soul. It is not a toy, it is not a plush something, it is his very being! Remember the little sock monkey I made him? Well, they are still beyond BFFs, they are one. Where Henrik goes, so does Monkey. And now both of them are worldly, well traveled fellows!

This is Monkey’s first ever time on an airplane. As the airline did not provide special buckles for this little primate (shame on them!), a little boy’s hands had to keep him safe and sound during the journey.
Look at all those fluffy clouds!

P.S. I might have shed a couple of tears when I saw these pictures. OK, OK! Some nose blowing was also involved….