Christmas seems to arrive earlier and earlier each year. The decorated trees, street lights or the agonizing Christmas carols are creeping up as soon as Halloween is over. Although sometimes I feel earlier than that. And I say agonizing, because the merry little tunes quickly escalate into a nightmarish quality as all the shops have it on repeat. By the time it’s Christmas Eve I feel like Phil in Groundhog day. But if there is one Christmas carol I still cherish, and I could listen to all day long, is Count Your Blessings.

No matter how dark it gets, no matter how desolate it seems, we have to be able to take a step back and look at the big picture. We have to be able to discover all the good we have fought for and achieved, or we have been fortunate enough to be blessed with. But more than that, if we find someone in need – need of a friend to lean on, shoulder to cry on, or financial help to get through the week or even a day – we should extend our hands and help out. This is what this carol reminds me of.

So one of the things that I believe would make a wonderful gift this holiday season is supporting your loved one’s favorite charity. Or better yet, giving to a cause that is dear to their hear, but in their name. And if you are still thinking of gifting something tangible, or need advice in the stocking stuffer department, think about supporting a non-profit organization by purchasing a little keepsake, a small item that you can then gift to that special person.

Ribbit. Isn’t she the spitting image of the Mightly Potato Frog? I mean, look at those locks!
Amari Spicy Beetroot Jam
AMARI Spicy Beetroot Jam

That is how Ribbit and the Jam have come into my little world. Both are made by non-profit organizations that either support or employ people living with autism, or disabilities, or those who suffer from psychiatric conditions. The little creature might be the next worst thing to a swamp monster, but once you learn the meaning of what making this little green … (jeez, I’m all out of words here) really means to someone with no other opportunities in life but making her, it becomes a beauty. And maybe you never thought of beetroot as something that makes a jam, but trust me, give it a go. There is a reason why there is no photo of the jar (which was thoroughly licked clean) but the label only. And if I only have the label, come on, isn’t this one cute label!?