My husband and I have very different tastes in music. I love me some pop, R&B and jazz. He goes for the other side of the spectrum, more so for the experimental, for that which explores the boundaries or takes its roots in folk music. We constantly share our current favorites with each other with different degrees of success.

The other day he showed me a recording that Mike Dillon did for Jam in the Van in New Orleans. As I started watching Hero the Burro I froze and became speechless.

For one, it is not every day that you see a woman play the trombone. But more than that, Carly Meyers abandoned herself completely in the musical piece, playing with such energy, power that I could not stop watching. I wanted to jump up and start dancing to the music with her immediately!

I couldn’t stop watching for another reason: this is exactly how I imagined my kitty orchestra playing from the first moment! Watching Carly was like seeing my musical kitty muse come to life. Since then I submerged myself even deeper in her band, Yojimbo’s work. I am hooked!

I pretty much decided to finish with the kitty orchestra previously, but after this experience… I just had to draw one more. I had to have Carly as a kitty, as a member of my orchestra. I thought about it, and realized that her talent, her energy, the way she submerged herself in music is what the kitties need as direction.

Carly Meyers trombone kitty

To honor her, I decided that this kitty must become the concertmaster of the orchestra! Odd or not, she is the one to lead the musicians, provide the rhythm and be the helping hand of the conductor.

And that’s when it struck me: the band doesn’t have a name yet! 23 members and not a name! I spent a good portion of the weekend brainstorming, and nothing. Lightning struck however, when I listened to some gipsy music played by a famous Hungarian band. Yes! They should be called The 100-member Kitty Band.

100 members. That should leave me room if more kitties scratch their way to the surface. Until then, the 23 will tour the world and fill the air with wondrous melodies. Carly, hope this fits your schedule!