I don’t know about you, but I have the weirdest dreams right before the alarm rings at 6 AM. When I tell my family about them they either get scared or have a laughing fit. No middle ground here!

On this subject, let me share with you one of these later types. A couple of years ago I remember waking up from a dream. The image I saw was so vivid! It was a cartoon-like cat creature made out of wood, with hands and feet made out of rope. It was singing at the top of its lungs into a microphone. As soon as I was more or less awake I grabbed the closest thing to a writing instrument and started drawing frantically. Much like how I imagine Kubla Khan being created.

kitty_dream2Later on the day I felt inspired and saw other elements of the cat developing, so drew two more characters to the now trio. kitty_dream bandAnd that is how it all stayed until now. The drawings slept their long sleep on loose pieces of paper deep within my old sketch book. I sort of forgot about them to be honest. Until quite recently when suddenly I remembered the kitties. This time however it was not in a dream, rather a manic idea. What if it was not a trio anymore, but an orchestra with the most unusual combination of instruments. Ones that would seemingly create cacophony, but in reality would make the most incredible melody in the ears of the onlooker.

This idea made it into reality today. And I now have this frantic vision to expand the orchestra beyond that original trio. Sort of like when the singer becomes famous and everyone wants to work with him. Cannot wait to put more of the kitties on paper and see where this dream takes me!


 I used graphite pencil (yes, the same ones I mentioned in my Lead time post) to create the sketch. Then accented with colored pencil to achieve an old 20’s movie atmosphere, sepia-like effect.