The more kitties come to life, the more instruments there are. I started fearing that my dream of a symphony will end in a racket unless someone steps in and takes the reins.

Ok, so who shall it be? I was thinking, this entire series will get too serious, so had to think of someone that would bring in the humor.  Also, had to think of the fact that there are so many cats here. I mean, who could control them?

And then it hit me! I saw before my eyes a music stand at the top of which a ferocious little mouse perched. He is not only using the baton, and his hand to conduct the orchestra, but his tail as well. He is swaying with the music, completely entranced. His vision, his idea regarding the symphony is not only powerful, but down right contagious.

However he is completely unyielding. He does not allow any deviation from his original concept! He will command order. He will roar if he has to. And all of this strength when faced with these many cats. What a brave guy!

This is the conductor who is one of the most fearsome ones in the music industry, but one whom everybody wants to work with. Meet Mr. Leo Moustein!

Mr. Leo Moustein