Dear friends of mine, a husband and wife have been going through very difficult times these past couple of months. It is one of those situations where my heart breaks because I would like to help somehow, but I just cannot in the physical sense that they would need.

When I feel so powerless, frustrated and retreat to  my inner world to think about the fairness of things in life is when I feel most inspired. Inspired to give to the spiritual if I cannot give to the physical. This is how this painting was born.

I wanted to paint for my friends a picture that would give the only thing that I could at that moment: a bit of hope. No matter what we go through, hope will always be there. It could be the darkest of times, all doors might be closed, and even the windows we hoped for are shut. But there will be that little sliver of light coming from an unexpected place, through the highest of windows that we did not spy before.

I chose to paint an orchid because for me they are that sliver of light. At once they are the most delicate of flowers, fragile as can be, but at the same time the most stubborn ones I know. They just do not give up! As long as you do not give up they will come back and give you the most amazing bloom. The love and hope we give them is returned trifold. We must be this stubborn and never give up!

With all my love to you J&T!