Remember the storybook-like feeling the Bears at a stream gave me? Well, I felt it needed a final touch. One more picture. At the end three paintings will look much better on the wall then just two, right?

So I went back to the theme of the little bear and the bunny. This time to the shore of the stream. I wanted to make this painting a bit more busy then the previous two,  with more detail. However, did not want to take away anything from the fun aspect of the predecessors.


The left side of the paining came together quite quickly. I knew I wanted something in the water, so naturally a little boat came to my mind. A pirate ship would have been too much, so I decided on a sail boat. And of course, the little bunny had to be the captain, the focal point once more.

The detail on the right however was a bit of  a debate for me. I knew I wanted a plant, but was not sure what exactly. At the end opted for a little family inside joke: there always has to be a mushroom shaped ornament on the Christmas tree for luck, so why not a mushroom on the painting! Right?