As the days become shorter and the weather colder comes the sad realization that summer is nearly over. This usually means I get the urge to change a couple of decorative items in my home: bring in the reds, the burgundies and make it more fall-like. And that is when I realized – although it should not have been a surprise – that I don’t have a wreath for the season!

In previous years – when it comes to wreaths – I jumped from summer right into winter. The Gardeners were half frozen in their slippers when they finally got their well deserved rest, while I was lucky my Family Frost didn’t melt in temperatures not meant for snowmen.  This time I promised myself I would not let this happen!

I knew I wanted to make something colorful and fun. I thought about a bird house. A little house that saw the birth of new lives and the busy work of the parents. A little building that is temporarily left to rest. However not long before it is filled with life once more when the first warm breezes come in spring.

I didn’t see a house that I liked in the craft store so I decided to make my own. I had a shoebox that was just the right size for the project, and some incredible photos of colorful houses in Bergen, Norway. I drew the sketch and boldly approached the box with my scissors.

birdhouse cardboard
Birdhouse – skeleton
my workspace
Working away on the birdhouse project
mini birdhouse
Getting a tiny bit carried away while the glue is drying

A mess I made for sure, but the project is not going as fast as I’d like. Daylight is not my friend right now. Rain and gloom have descended. And still my mind and body crave the remaining outdoor hours, days before the cold autumn comes. So I must juggle this urge and the project. This weekend it was not the project’s time. Oh, but it will come soon…