promotional pens

I stumbled upon a website the other day. A site about promotional pens. Since I love everything you can create a permanent mark and a message with I read on. The site, Promotional pens belongs to father and son, Thorfinn and Joakim. The idea to start a pen collection started with the father, but now it has become their joint passion.

The subject of their affection might sound strange at first. Thinking about it, however why would collecting stamps, coins or miniatures be any nobler? It doesn’t matter what incites our passion! Finding that one thing is what is important. If we do, we must nurture it, and keep the fire alive.

What provoked a deep affection towards Thorfinn and Joakim in me is that very passion. Also their sincerity and welcoming warmth: they offer a cup of tea or coffee to anyone who brings them a pen in person! In today’s world, where we are bombarded by negativity in the media every second it is hard to believe that such genuine good and kindness still exists.

So I decided to open all our drawers and fish around for any logoed pens we might have lying around. Also incited my family and colleagues at the office to do the same. This little collection is for you guys. Hope you like them! The only thing that breaks my heart is that I’m not Norwegian and cannot take these to you in person. For I would surely love a cup of coffee, but if you allow me, I would bring the cake.