This past week has been an especially hard one for me, with my usual good spirits nowhere in sight. Therefore, I decided to focus on my little research project because I was sure it would distract me and cheer me up. I looked at many, many folk art embroidery designs from around the world for the cozy I’m planning to make. I promised myself that I was not going to limit my vision, and therefore deliberately put aside any that were from Hungary. However, Fate decided otherwise. She came and tickled my toes to distract me long enough so I’d do what Fate herself commanded

While I was looking at the beautiful embroideries I found that I was drawn to those done in a monochromatic fashion, in red only. They were so striking, so beautiful. Just looking at them cheered me up and brought back that good mood that I didn’t find earlier. And lo and behold it was a series of designs from the city of Kalocsa in Hungary. I decided to give in, and look at these designs more closely.

folk art designsI collected small details that appealed to me from the greater designs. I combined design elements to make new, more exciting ones. I filled the pages of my sketchbook to the brim. I painted them red (with a bit of yellow here and there) because I liked the effect of the embroidery so much. I know for sure this is not going to be the color scheme of the cozy later on, but I just found it so beautiful, so heartwarming, so cheery. As I was painting away I was smiling and really happy.

bird embroidery design bird embroidery design From this venture were born two designs. They incorporate the two birds I liked the best and the design elements I found most suitable for the corners. I am really happy with them. I know for sure the cozy will have a felt base and the bird will be felt appliqué. However, I have not decided which one I like more or the colors to use. All I know is that I have two threads, and aqua colored one and a green one that reminds me of an Amazonian frog that I really want to use. I also have a challenge, because I want to use a hidden zipper and I have no idea how to sew it around a corner. Well, these tiny details are to be sorted out over the next couple of days. Nice little challenge there!