One of my little guilty pleasures in life is planning. Planning, planning, planning and planning. And a bit more planning. Some say it is the trait of Virgos. I will have to disappoint you, I am not one of them. Yet there is something so satisfying in thinking about the to-dos, or going as far as writing down a long list and then ticking them off one by one by one. But you know how it goes, one plans and then up there, over the mountains the Gods have a laugh, roll their dice and life takes another turn.

bird appliqué embroideryI planned to finish the cozy over the weekend. Embroider a bit, then take out the sewing machine and quickly finish off the project. There was no problem with the first part. I sat relaxed in my armchair, played with the colorful threads and beads. I quite like the end result! But then came the sewing bit. I don’t know what happened, but the needle got stuck. It would not move. I had to take out the bobbin case and tragedy happened. Big time, Greek tragedy. I couldn’t put it back together. Twisting it this way, turning it that way plus a good 15 minutes later I though I had finally figured it out. However, the feed dogs (whoever came up with this name?) stopped working. I got so upset, I left everything where it was and did not even dare think about it.

A good couple of hours later I thought I’d look at it one more time with fresh eyes (and calmer nerves). Nothing. When I was on the brink of flipping through the yellow pages for a professional and was planning when and how I would take it to the repair shop I though I’d give it one last chance: get the man of the house to look at it. Oh, I should have known! For in Greek tragedies there is always divine intervention, and here I had mine. My husband did not tinker with it 2 minutes when he figured out what the problem was. A couple of tugs here a little bend with a tool there and he quickly fixed it for me. Honey, you saved my day!

The good news is, that the machine is as good as new. There is a little delay compared to my original plan, but hey! If there is one thing I should have learned by now is to make my plans realistic. And if they are not… well, then I should re-plan and start anew.