The journey I embarked on with this blog has brought me lots of unexpected pleasures. From discovering new techniques, new tools to travelling virtually to paradises far far away. However, one of the most exhilarating experiences ’til now – by far – has to be my first ever sale.

I mentioned in this post recently that one of my colleagues has asked me to make a little mouse for his daughter, which he quickly named Crispy Bacon. It was extremely exciting that I received such a request. At the same time, it was a bit daunting, because no matter how much I try to convince myself that what I do does not have to be perfect, I still wanted this one to be beyond perfect. No pressure, right? However, when I sat down to make the little creature I decided to forget all my expectations and focus on the little girl who is going to become the mother of this little one.

very nice mouse greyI tried to imagine her playing with the little mouse as I was stitching it. I imagined her when she receives it as a gift. Tried to find the perfect felt for the slippers to make sure they matched her favorite color. And I think it helped, for when the little mouse was finished it was far and beyond what I expected. My stitches have never been this even, my embroidery this lifelike.

puppy fuzzy slippersMy friend asked me to make little puppy slippers for the mouse. So Crispy is now the proud owner of these lovely fuzzy ones.

mouse birth certificateI also decided to make her birth official by giving her a birth certificate. A virtual one from the 1st. Mousestitution of my home town, but a birth certificate none the less.

All my worries, anxieties evaporated when my colleague first laid his eyes on her. The man I know melted before my eyes and looked mesmerized at Crispy. The joy and happiness that I saw in his eyes is what I hope will fill the heart of his daughter when she receives her on Easter. I was joyous and my heart filled with happiness to the brim. At this moment receiving money in exchange for the mouse seemed blasphemy. However, at the same time I realized that this could be the start for more of these moments to come. So as superstition dictates I quickly spat on the money (VIRTUALLY of course!!!) and quickly put it away in my purse to make sure there is going to be more to come.