I am not one to believe in ghosts or follow superstition for that matter. However, I have to confess that an inexplicable feeling does take hold of me when I start drawing or painting a person. From the striking white background there is a point when from your strokes, your scratches you start seeing the figure you imagined. And there is that point when you definitely feel that the figure is no longer just a figure, rather a person. I know it is a bit strange to compare it to Mary Shelley’s classic, but it is as if it were my own Frankenstein who suddenly becomes alive.

St Anne portraitThat is exactly how I felt when I started with St. Anne’s portrait. I started adding the layers of soft color, the odd shadows. However I felt that it was more than just the sum of colored lines.

St Anne upper bodySuddenly I felt her grip on the yet unfinished power drill tighten. Her gaze become more pronounced and steady. The grip on the cabbage damaging. There is that strange instant when your doubts whether you’ll find her melt into nothingness, because you can feel she is already there with you.

St Anne paintingI am really happy with this painting at this initial stage. It was a very important step, because Anne is going to be the primary focal point, and I want to make sure that the focus will remain fully on her. So now that Anne is alive, I should dress her with the other elements of the painting. Matching colors and shapes that will not take away, rather further adorn her. Slowly add to that evening gown which will make her otherworldly.