With my little mobile cozy project done I had this feeling deep inside that my craving for the crafty was not yet quenched. I wanted to do something more. Another colorful and fun project. I have been looking for a while at some toys, decorations for small children and I fell in love with an idea I saw on Pinterest, airplane mobiles. Since both my brother and his wife are nuts for airplanes, I thought their little bairn would likewise appreciate something on this theme.

The variety is of course endless. From paper, to clothespin, to fabric, to up-cycled plastic bottles. I ended up going (again) with the idea of using felt. To me that just seems more cuddly, more appropriate for a small child. OK, felt is not chewable, but this is not the general purpose of a mobile (note to parents!). With at least the material decided, the possibilities did not seem so daunting. And then I found the design that I really liked.airplane mobile designI saw a lot of pictures from left, right, the top, the bottom, but no pattern that would explain how I should do it. So I started thinking and doodling, and I think I figured out how I will make it. So with the idea in hand and a huge smile on my face I sat down with the parents to discuss the details. They really liked it, in fact were very enthusiastic. We chose the colors for the planes, the design of the clouds, and how it will be hung up. We even figured out what the best size of the planes and the bank of clouds I imagined floating around them would be. airplane mobile designAnd then, shyly, there was one additional request. If the little planes could have a nose cone.  And you know what, I have to agree with my aviation enthusiasts, they look so much better. It is not just a little cuddly plane for a newborn, but a more serious design for a little guy who will be up and running (maybe flying) soon. My nephew’s little bedroom will be so cute!