I did something unexpected and exhilarating, I did the English narration of a teaser video for a documentary film my friend is making. The film is about an Austrian blacksmith who has discovered the century old secret of making the hinges of the Notre Dame cathedral’s portal. A secret which earned a blacksmith the name The Devil’s Blacksmith in the middle ages. The teaser video is one in a series that was made to call the attention to the cause and help raise funds for the post production of the documentary film (more information can be found here).

I did not plan on doing something like this, it was quite unexpected in fact. My friend asked me if I’d do it, and almost as soon as I said yes, he showed up on my doorstep with two huge suitcases. The suitcases ended up containing (excuse me here, because I know nothing of these technical intricacies) the stuff with which we did the recording. Several laptops, pedals, thing with flashing lights and buttons (I told you!) and a huge microphone converted our cozy living room into a recording studio in no time. I felt like JLo all of a sudden. The spotlight was definitely on me.

I never narrated anything in my life. OK, if reading a fairy tale to my nephew counts as narration, then I have some experience. But this was quite different. What was it like, you are asking? It’s strange when you are told you have to face the microphone and read at the same time, but the dang thing is covering your view. It’s also strange to hear that my “p”-s sound like I’m spitting. And it’s even stranger to rethink how you pronounce that “p” and come up with another way of doing it so to avoid that spitting sound. And the frustration because you are recording something for the 10th time because you keep laughing at yourself. But all in all, it was an amazing experience! I loved every minute of it! 

After the recording session was over my friend left without me hearing what the end result sounded like. So when he sent me the above teaser video, I was amazed. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that this is my voice. I realized I never heard my recorded voice before, which is strange considering I gave speeches and held trainings as part of my job for years. It is also strange to present a part of myself to the world which I feel is quite personal and which I never have before.

So what’s next you’re asking? Today I heard the wonderful news that the documentary  film is going to be presented at the prestigious, New York based Robert A.M. Stern Architects’ firm in December. My friend has asked me to help with the narration of the version he is preparing for the viewing. Cannot wait to do this!!! Will have to work on those “p”-s, though.