If you have been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that I love reading. Love, love, LOVE reading! You might have heard me rave about specific books (like Petrosyan’s The Grey House or García Márquez’ A Hundred Years of Solitude) or the life changing aspect of an eReader. And speaking of my little Kobo eReader, I am sad to report its passing to the great pastures of MB heaven.

I loved my Kobo. It was the one that introduced me to the digital reading experience. I spent countless hours, years even enveloped in an intimate love affair with it. And as is with first love, you tend to cover your eyes, shoo away your nagging intuition that something is amiss. I was always a bit queasy when it started updating its firmware during a synchronization session, and rightly so: with the last one my Kobo said thank you, formatted itself and waved a short but firm good bye.

I was in shock. I always had my eReader with me and now … what? My handbag felt light, too light. I felt naked, exposed to the elements. What am I going to read? And then I realized something else: my reading statistics for the past 6 years were gone. My brain came to a screeching halt. Not a single thought past through my neurons for a good couple of minutes. I… I wanted to recover the list. The list of books that I’ve read. To be able to look at the titles and relive the emotions each of them stirred, and now… now what?

After a couple of weeks Mr.AP and I came to the decision to invest in a Kindle Paperwhite. Now that I’ve been burned I am more careful. I did not plunge head first into this new relationship, but took things one step at a time. I explore its potentials carefully and am not afraid to get to know its limitations. I love its features, the paperwhite experience, but – the Excel maniac that I am – miss my statistics. So I decided to take an unorthodox approach. I’ve decided to create my own list here on this blog. I created the Reading Palette page where I’ll have a list that will help me remember what I’ve read. Remember those that I did not want to put down, those that gave something important to my soul. Also a bit of a reminder to myself to look for the new releases of my favorite authors. And maybe, just maybe inspire a couple of fellow bookworms out there. Hope you like it!