Words have a life or their own, a cyclical one none the less. One might even say they reincarnate. You hear a strange one, then you look it up in the dictionary. Then, from nowhere suddenly everywhere you look everyone seems to be using that one word. You use it once or twice and then it disappears from from your life until is resurfaces months, perhaps years later. Isn’t that ubiquitous?

I was listening to an eye opening podcast on RadioLab the other day about the incredible metamorphosis of the word sorry. The journalist argued, that the word was originally rooted in religious repentance – where the omnipotent deity’s wrath was a pretty good guarantee of the person’s intent -, but with secularization it became lackluster, empty. And that immediately made me think about the word Resolution.

Isn’t it funny that during the weeks leading up to year end you hear this strange word Resolution. Then for a good couple of weeks all you can hear is that one word as if it was on repeat. Come January, February and Resolution dies a quick death. Puff! It never really existed. With no deity or sword of Damocles hanging over your head you just swiftly move along. It might leave a sour aftertaste of guilt for some, but that will wash off very nicely with a quick gulp of orange juice indeed!

That is why I don’t resolve, but each day I try my best, I aspire to make my life different. Not to take a moment for granted, but

find the little things that make me happy;
feel the joy, and
dare to love.
Live each moment
today, and every day.
Believe in happiness,
enjoy a kiss;
dream, hope, play, sing
laugh and giggle too;
fill my heart with song.