I would describe myself as easily adaptable. One of the few exceptions is when I am drawing and painting. Thing is, I am easily disrupted and interrupted until I am able to completely focus my attention. Once I’m in my little inner art nook, I will not hear or feel my surroundings. But that takes time.

The other thing is strong light blinds me. When it hits my eyes at a certain angle I am worst than a bat on a sunny beach. And when you are on location what should determine your position is the composition and not frivolous little things like the angle of the sun.

Am I trying to find excuses?

I don’t ask too many questions, I try to give kind of right answers.

Karl Lagerfeld

Watching an interview with Karl Lagerfeld it occurred to me that one of my highest hurdles in life is my overactive brain. It enumerates the lengthiest of lists of why it cannot, why it shouldn’t, why it wouldn’t. And I suddenly thought what if instead of asking and asking and re-asking and questioning myself I’d shut up for a second, put on my shoes and head outside. And that’s just what I did!

Fun starts when you let go… and for that blinding sun there is always a baseball-cap.