As part of my art course I have been exploring the idea of finding the perfect viewpoint when drawing. Be it for a sketch I am making just for fun or one I later aim to turn into a finished piece the viewpoint does make a difference. It can turn just a couple of graphite lines on a paper to a drawing that will bring back endless memories and inspires me further. And that viewpoint is also critical in that it inspires the making of a final composition, a finished piece.

These are a couple of drawings which were part of the assignment and which exemplify just this point.

A very tame, tranquil setting will give the same feeling to the viewer. Which is not to say that it is bad to be tranquil. However, for me there is no story in the final design.
Bringing in harsher angles, playful contrasts and an interesting perspective the viewer suddenly finds a story to dwell on.
And the story does not have to be complicated but it can still be one of a little spot that steals your heart and you cannot wait to visit!