This goat obsession of mine is getting out of hand. It has descended on me howling like a pack of wolves. Whenever I take out my sketchpad I feel my nerves on edge, my heart pounding to the rhythm of the running beasts, of the paws hitting the rugged mountain side. My nose has this strange prickling sensation, it twitches like a medieval witch’s.

I take a blank sheet of paper, smooth out its surface, and there it is: a ghostly goat eye looking accusingly right at me. And with over 300 distinct breed of goats to explore and draw, when is this going to ever end? I really did try to get inspired, I really did try to draw something else but to no avail.

These goats have now crossed a line, they have invaded the privacy of my own dreams! In them I hear the crows cawing in the thick fog. I whip my head around and look about me google eyed while the goats bleat a strange rhyme. I wake up with a start and I see the same accusing eyes before me. So I gave in. I mean they are harmless, aren’t they? Please, tell me they are! I mean, mine are bleating, they are not silent like the lambs!

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