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Ready to owl things up

These last few weeks I felt like I was a spy living a double (nay, triple or quadruple) life. For my birthday projects to remain a secret I had to conspire with some members of my family but leave out... Continue Reading →


Up, up and away!

Nothing compares to the the thrill one experiences when coming up with a new idea, a design. Will it work? Does it make sense at all? And then all those butterflies when you try to put that theory into practice.... Continue Reading →

It’s a bird… it’s a plane!

Sewing together two pieces of fabric is by now something of a second nature to me. I've gotten used to the felt that I use. I know which is the distance I must keep from the edge so it will... Continue Reading →

Bairns and planes

With my little mobile cozy project done I had this feeling deep inside that my craving for the crafty was not yet quenched. I wanted to do something more. Another colorful and fun project. I have been looking for a... Continue Reading →

Cozying up to my phone

I am planing a major project in a month or two (I'll share details a bit later) which has some elements of felt. So I thought I should get back in the swing of things and make something out of... Continue Reading →

Bagging it up

Whenever I finish a project, a bigger task I find myself with this intense urge to organize, rearrange things. I have no idea where it comes from, why it is there. And now that I finished my painting of Saint... Continue Reading →

It’s Wabbit Season!

I always have mixed feelings when around Easter I see little bunnies at the open air markets. The kids of course love them, and many parents just can't say no. I know they will be petted and cuddled for a... Continue Reading →

Rooster’s crowing

One of the most exciting things in life is when you see one of your dreams come to life. And one of the scariest is bringing one of your dreams to life. I mean when you are creating something from... Continue Reading →

Dawn of the rooster

When I finished with the French hen I was excited to finally put the ornament together. I started to place them on the egg-shaped wreath and see what the composition would look like. The more I played with it, the... Continue Reading →

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