I am planing a major project in a month or two (I’ll share details a bit later) which has some elements of felt. So I thought I should get back in the swing of things and make something out of felt. When I did my Kobo cozy I had this idea of making one for my mobile, but I never got around doing it. Even though all my handbags have a little pocket to hold them in the lining, on the days I carry a backpack it floats around with my transport pass, my keys (yikes, I know!), the odd snack, which is not the best of things. So I thought it’d be high time I did something about it.

I looked at a ton couple of pins on Pinterest to get some inspiration. The Yoda one was adorable, the little monster eating the phone precious, but these are not really me. Besides, I wanted something I could don outside our apartment. Something that if I left out on my desk at work, would not bring up eyebrows. mobile cozyI decided upon a design of simple leaves and just a touch of embroidery. A touch, because I’d like the focus to be on the colors, not the design itself. I wanted the colors to be harmonious, yet have something of the unexpected. I researched some color designs on Color Collective (if you ever need inspiration on color harmonies you have to see this site) and fell in love with the concept of adding a shock of aqua blue to the earth tones, the reds. The base felt I chose for the cozy is a rich, dark berry color. Complementing it the other felts are in the red color family that ultimately create an ombre effect. And then there will be a leaf in (my favorite) aqua color.

Today I had a lot of errands to run and came home tired. With all the creative process of designing the pattern and picking out the colors I was beat. Maybe (just maybe) staying up late and watching the Spanish Copa del Rey final until almost midnight had something to do with it. But a final is a final, that comes around only once (a year)! And I think my phone will survive a couple of more days of skinny dipping in my bag.