These last few weeks I felt like I was a spy living a double (nay, triple or quadruple) life. For my birthday projects to remain a secret I had to conspire with some members of my family but leave out others. I had to swear some to secrecy, but had to deny the moon and the stars to others. When many members of my family regularly read this blog, visit my Instagram or Facebook account I had to juggle where I would post or share what content. Keeping things straight in my head seemed a chore. And when the good ol’ “you better not look at the blog for the next week” threat I knew just would not work, I had to take a break. owl keyholder finishingBut  a break from the blog only. Because our home resembled a proper war zone many days. Either working in our bedroom on the bed or in my favorite reading corner, I was covered in pieces of thread, stuffing material, beads or simply glue. Of course, when it came to my husband’s gift (more on that in Tuesday’s post) I had to resort to more covert actions, because he could not know A THING!owl keyholderThe thing is, the planning and the tight schedule made the process stressful. And sometimes scary. I was convinced at times that I would not finish. But the good part is when you are actually holding the little piece of felt in your hand and rhythmically sewing, embroidering. But one thing I learned not to stress about is change. For I know I will always change things up.

Instead of a thread, I opted to have a more sturdy leather strip to hold the key-ring. Instead of the blue ombre hearts, a combination of reds and blue. In place of the brown wings, dark hunter green ones. But I so love this constant test to my creativity and my senses.owl keyholderAnd here it is! The lovely owl key holder. The strip of leather at the top is just long enough to let the key-ring peek out at (let’s put it this way) the belly of the owl. So there is plenty of room to maneuver the keys. Then, as you pull the strip of leather at the head, the keys are slowly hidden inside the body. This way, when you put it in your bag the keys are going to remain hidden and your bag (and your searching fingers) protected. And thus they will remain even when they are hung on the hook in the hall. Nothing but the vision of a lovely owl to the passerby.

I love the outcome of the key holder. I think the owl is adorable and quite functional! I thought the use of leather would just add durability to the piece, but actually it has become a good choice for the slip it has with the lining. There is no tugging or rubbing of materials, rather a fluid motion. A choice that was meant to be. And I am convinced that it will be a perfect little companion to my mom. Cannot wait to see her face when she opens her present on Sunday!