Whenever I finish a project, a bigger task I find myself with this intense urge to organize, rearrange things. I have no idea where it comes from, why it is there. And now that I finished my painting of Saint Anne it was no different. I was trying to find something in that never ending pit that is called my handbag, but after two minutes of frustration I decided enough is enough. I poured everything onto my bed and got to my task.

Within no time I was categorizing things, throwing out this and that, finding long lost gems. Before putting things back though, I decided the best approach would be to put all my smaller necessities (cough knickknacks) into a separate bag. I was pretty sure I’d be able to find things much quicker. Before long my sewing machine was out an I made one.

cosmetic bagcosmetic bagcosmetic bagWhen I made the cozy for my e-reader I had some of the lining material left over. It was so soft, and so pretty that I decided I’d use it for this little cosmetic bag as well. There is no great design, pattern behind it. The shape is a pretty simple rectangular shape. As for the size, I just matched it to a burgundy colored zipper I had lying around. The same fabric I used on the outside lines the inside as well. Half an hour and I was done.

I am really happy that this idea occurred to me. Those items that tended to get lost (disappear) are now in one place. I know that I just have to reach in and find that one pouch and that’s it! And if it occurs to me to change up my handbag, then it’s only one item I have to transfer to its new home, not a dozen (or two). That reminds me, since it’s spring I think it’s high time I started to organize my handbags in the closet, and …