After painting Bears at a stream for my nephew I felt so inspired! I knew there was more to the story then just the fishing expedition. It sort of felt like a little storybook that I opened unawares in an antiques shop: I saw the first glimpse and I knew I wanted more. Especially after seeing him for the first time!

For me the focal point, the star of the first painting was the bunny. It was quietly sitting in the middle, but stealing the show none the less. I wanted therefore to incorporate it into the new picture for sure. And then suddenly I saw it: the little buddies lying lazily in the grass, having fun and looking up at the sky.

Lots of ideas came to my mind as to what they might be looking at: beautiful lazy clouds, a hot air balloon, maybe a plane. My husband was the one who told me as a matter of fact that they cannot be spotting anything else but a kite in the sky. Of course, a kite!

bear_kitebear_kite_strawberryI used the same technique as before for the paining. A low acid watercolor paper was the base for the acrylic wash. I accented then with colored pencils for depth and dimension. Afterwords went back with more acrylic paint where needed, especially for the strawberry seeds.