After my virtual vacation to the English seashore I wanted to come home. As my uncle’s birthday is fast approaching I have to start the painting of my hometown that I am thinking of giving him as a present, otherwise I will not finish on time.

As I already had the subject thought out and did the initial sketch,  I didn’t have to start from scratch. As I was painting the Cornish harbor I was already evaluating how I would paint the buildings, the water, the sky, the boats in this painting. The cocoon was already breaking apart, now was the time to let the butterfly spread its wings.

city from river

I started the process with a colored canvas as before. This time with a darker toned yellow ocher though. Since the rooftops are much warmer in tone, I thought this would provide a beautiful inner glow. Also, since the city is well know for its yellow ocher facades, it had to be this color to replicate it on the painting as closely as possible.

city from river

river cruise boatLooking for only the dark spots, only the whites, the contrasting values alone within the picture is still not easy. Taking the picture apart to its color elements is challenging, because my eyes are still wanting to take the whole image in at once. I have to constantly tell myself to stop.

I know I am still just starting. I am at the beginning of the painting process…. a very early one at that. I will need to go back and intensify the dark colors and build in the blues, reds, yellows… Oh boy, I have my work cut out for the coming days. I will have to make time for painting over the weekend, otherwise  I will never finish. Luckily this time around I will not have any pumpkin distraction!

P.S. Although I just might stop by the market on Saturday to buy another tiny little one. Somebody ate all the spiced pumpkin and I have none left!